Your go to international shipping solution (+ so much more).
Asendia has the global network. They've teamed up with postal authorities and shipping carriers all over the place, so you can bet your bottom dollar they've got shipping covered to tons of destinations. Whether you're trying to reach customers on the other side of the planet or just across the border, Asendia makes international shipping a breeze.

In comes e-Paq.

Let's talk about delivery expectations. They're all over the place, depending on which country you're in and what people are buying. But fear not, my friend, because with e-PAQ by Asendia, you can give your shoppers some serious power at checkout. We're talking about a smorgasbord of trusted delivery options for them to choose from. And guess what? It's a total game-changer. When customers have choices that they trust, it skyrockets your conversion rates and keeps them grinning from ear to ear. Plus, all deliveries with e-Paq are automatically carbon neutral. Satisfaction level: off the charts!

Key Services

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Packages are delivered by the local postal operators, providing wide coverage, cost effectiveness and reliability
  • Delivered direct to mailbox or a convenient collection is available from local post offices
  • Customs paid at destination and customs prepaid options
  • Optimized tracking performance