eBay Fulfillment

Process your eBay orders quickly & efficiently with Nitro Logistics.
Say adios to the days of packing boxes and making multiple, sometimes frantic, trips to the post office. As your business grows, it gets way more complicated. Automatically ship orders from your eBay store with Nitro Logistics. We’ll take care of stock, inventory management, pick, pack and ship!

Why partner with Nitro Logistics for eBay shipping and fulfillment?

Hassle-free software integration

Integrating your eBay store with Nitro Logistics is a breeze, requiring just a few clicks to establish the connection. With this seamless integration, you can quickly import your products and orders without any need for developer work. Once connected, you can easily monitor the status of each order as it moves from processing to shipping using Nitroy Logistics’ intuitive software. This allows you to stay on top of your fulfillment process and ensure timely delivery to your customers.

Rapid order fulfillment

Upon receiving an order from your eBay store, Nitro’s system immediately determines the optimal and most budget-friendly shipping method, taking into account your and your customer's preferences, ranging from standard ground delivery to speedy 2-day shipping. This ensures that your customers receive their orders promptly and without delay, which can help boost satisfaction and repeat business.

100% coverage across the U.S

Nitro Logistics’ 2-Day Express Shipping offers nationwide coverage for 2-Day Express shipping across the continental United States, even with our single fulfillment center. With Nitro Logistics’ 2-Day Express Shipping, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing speedy delivery times.

Real time inventory management

The Nitro Logistics dashboard provides a transparent and real-time inventory management system that allows you to track and forecast inventory, thus preventing stockouts and predicting demand for your eBay store. With the ability to set automatic reorder notifications, you can ensure that you have enough inventory to fulfill orders and keep your customers satisfied.

Global shipping

ShipBob offers international shipping solutions for your eBay business, ensuring your products can reach customers worldwide. To make the international shipping process even smoother, we offer a feature called DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipping. This means that all duties and taxes are calculated and charged at checkout, preventing any surprises for your international customers upon delivery. With this feature, you can expand your business globally with ease and confidence, knowing that your customers will receive their orders promptly and without unexpected fees. Let us help you grow your business by reaching customers all around the world!