Faster, more cost-effective shipping.
Endicia is the go-to shipping service for many e-commerce businesses, offering numerous convenient and rock-solid solutions. They've teamed up with the USPS to create a shipping experience that's smooth as butter.

Get hooked up with sweet discounts on USPS.

We're talking up to 84% lower domestically and 8% lower internationally for shipping services. And the best part? No need to worry about minimum volume requirements.

You can also pocket some extra cash by saving up to 40% on parcel insurance compared to USPS rates. And say goodbye to undeliverable parcels because Endicia's got your back with built-in address validation. No more incomplete addresses causing headaches. They’ve even thrown in a one-click batch printing feature for multiple orders. Just click, and boom, all shipping labels are good to go. Plus, they let you set your preferred shipping options for multiple orders in a jiffy. Time is money, after all.

Key Services

  • Electronic Customs
  • Ship Merchandise in Flats & Save Up to 46%
  • Free Express International
  • Free End of Day Pickup
  • Global Address Verification