Walmart Fulfillment

Automate your Walmart shipping with Nitro Logistics.
We help Walmart Marketplace merchants exceed customer expectations with faster, more affordable shipping. Our powerful software seamlessly integrates with Walmart Marketplace to automate order fulfillment and inventory management for a more streamlined supply chain.

Why partner with Nitro Logistics for Walmart shipping and fulfillment?

2-day badging's 2-Day delivery badging has been shown to effectively capture shoppers' attention, resulting in a 50% increase in conversion rates for products with the badge. Shoppers can filter products by 2-day delivery and easily spot the badging in search results, leading to higher search rankings for products with the badge. Furthermore, a "free 2-day delivery" badge will be automatically displayed above the "Add to cart" button for your products, and you can also highlight the 2-day delivery option in your product descriptions to further entice shoppers.

Reach millions of new shoppers

Reaching a large audience of potential customers is crucial for any business, and offers exactly that with its massive scale. Your products will be showcased to almost 120 million unique monthly visitors, providing unparalleled exposure.

Furthermore, Walmart's US ecommerce sales continue to surpass the market, boasting a remarkable 40% YoY revenue growth. Not only that, but shoppers also turn to for product research and discovery, as evidenced by the platform's 56% YoY increase in searches. By partnering with the world's largest omnichannel retailer, you can tap into their enormous audience and take your business to new heights.

100% coverage across the U.S

Nitro Logistics’ 2-Day Express Shipping guarantees 100% coverage of 2-Day Express shipments across the continental United States, even when shipping from a single fulfillment center. Meet customer expectations with fast and on-time deliveries that encourage repeat purchases. Regardless of your choice, we are committed to providing exceptional service and support.